Heineken 'the list'

interactive billboard


Accessing the kind of glamour and exclusivity that ‘more than a race’ is about usually means being considered cool enough to be invited or be on a ‘door’ list.

Heineken creates a national invite list that gives people access to the world of F1. The only catch is you have to find out if you’re cool enough to be on it.

Heineken invites you to find out if you’re on the list by connecting via Facebook. If your Facebook data shows you to be a man of the world, you’ll receive Heineken Grand prix passes / Heineken VIP experiences / more.

What might qualify you to be on the list?

• if you’ve checked in at multiple International destinations recently
• If you’ve checked in at cool locations in Melbourne or your city
• If you’ve liked classy brands

What might not:
• too many trips to Kuta
• liking hooters bar
• If you’ve liked anything too bogan…