Alessio Maria Centritto

Senior Creative Sydney, Australia

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I have been lucky enough to follow my passions and get paid for it.

I lived in Italy up till just over a decade ago, where I completed my studies and got my start in advertising. Then the urge to travel and surf took me to Australia.

I liked the country so much that I wanted to make it my home. I used my cooking knowledge to formally train for a skill that was needed at the time. I kept cooking for a few more years but after becoming a citizen I realised that a kitchen could have not been the place where to spend the rest of my working days. I decided to start in advertising again from scratch and soon after completing award school I put my brain back to work and got a job at Clemenger Sydney, finding my old love for ideas creativity and communication. I am a forward thinking person, looking towards the next challenge and the next opportunity to be discovered.


Creating engaging campaigns which make the customers feel valued and included – this is what I’m all about.

When it comes to briefs, I prefer the challenging ones: the smaller the budget or the opportunity to communicate with the audience, the bigger the idea needs to be in order to cut through. Simple isn't easy but that's what I aim to achieve in every piece of work.

With over 7 years of experience both locally and overseas, I have had the opportunity of working in boutique as well as large, multinational agencies.

I've been paired with copywriters and worked as a solo creative (bouncing ideas with my imaginary friend) on a variety of media: from traditional to digital media, through to DM, shopper marketing and experiential. I've worked on FMCG, financial services, real estate, retail and pharmaceutical accounts.

Jack of all trades? I'd rather call myself a 'media neutral' creative who can bring a creative solution to any business problem, keeping in mind the core value of the brand.