Calmeze Sleep Aid


Calmeze Sleep Aid with natural ingredients helps to relieve insomnia and aid relaxation.

SPILL – TVC 30''

We open on an aerial shot of a small yacht dwarfed by huge, menacing swells – Perfect Storm style. Cut to the sailor in the cabin on the yacht – a young, sleep-deprived girl (who could be Jessica Watson). The boat is rocking against the waves, as she reaches for a blister pack on the bedside cabinet. There’s one pill left – and it falls out her hand as she pops the pack.

She reaches down to pick it up, but it eludes her as the boat lurches violently. She tries again. Just as she almost has it, we cut to a close-up of the last pill spilling out onto the deck. It rolls down to the edge. She crawls out of the cabin, and all the way over to the pill…reaches out her hand…grabs it. We cut to a hero shot of her holding the pill at last.

As a giant wave crashes into frame and washes it our her hand and into the ocean. Suddenly, the sea becomes completely calm.

Pack shot: CALMEZE for a calm night sleep

Cut to the girl sleeping peacefully in the cabin.




TVC 30''