Digital kitten campaign


The Australian cat population has been in decline for years. Whiskas, as the larger cat food brand in the country, wants to launch a kitten acquisition in order to change the current trend.

Where have all the cats gone? They have been trapped into the web: funny cats and kittens have been sucked into popular YouTube videos and now you have a chance to set them free.

For the duration of the campaign, we’ll overlap existing content (cat videos with millions of views) with a message inviting to find out more about how cats can be more fun in real life and how to get one (acquisition website url). This way we’ll be not only able to reach a large amount of people but also to reach those who have already a sort of emotional connection with cats.

4 years after I came up with this concept, someone else (Mashable) executed exactly the same idea for a different client, watch the video below